Below are our delivery costs which have been calculated on the size of the package and the delivery location. Due to the new VAT rules for importing into the EU and NI which came into effect on the 1st July 2021, we have decided to only offer Dropship deliveries to addresses in Great Britain (England, Scotland & Wales).

All orders placed before 12pm (Monday – Friday) will be dispatched on the same day at no extra cost. For orders placed after 12pm or on a weekend, all items will be processed on the next working day. Please note that we will only receive your orders from the website after payment has been made.


UK MainlandUK – Highlands & Islands (incl Channel Islands)
Large Letter (Up to 100g)£0.99£0.99
Large Letter (101-250g)£2.25£2.25
Large Letter (251 – 500g)£2.25£2.25
Large Letter (501g-750g)£2.25£2.25
Small Parcel (Up to 200g)£2.89£2.89
Small Parcel (201-500g)£2.89£2.89
Small Parcel (501g – 750g)£2.89£2.89
Small Parcel (751g – 1kg)£2.89£2.89
Small Parcel (1kg – 2kg)£4.50£4.50
Medium Parcel (Up to 2kg)£4.50£4.50
Oversized (Up to 20kg)N/AN/A
Capped Cost£6.50£12.00


UK MainlandUK – Highlands & Islands (incl Channel Islands)
Large Letter (Up to 100g)£5.67£7.79
Large Letter (101-250g)£5.67£7.79
Large Letter (251 – 500g)£5.67£7.79
Large Letter (501g-750g)£5.67£7.79
Small Parcel (Up to 200g)£6.26£8.99
Small Parcel (201-500g)£6.26£8.99
Small Parcel (501g – 750g)£6.26£8.99
Small Parcel (751g – 1kg)£6.26£8.99
Small Parcel (1kg – 2kg)£6.26£8.99
Medium Parcel (Up to 2kg)£6.26£8.99
Oversized (Up to 20kg)£6.50£12.00
Capped Cost£6.50£12.00